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Results of International -Tony Farsky- Cartoon/Poster Competition 2017
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Results of International -Tony Farsky- Cartoon/Poster Competition 2017

تبریز تونز

Results of International -Tony Farsky- Cartoon/Poster Competition 2017


Winners :



First Prize:

Stefan Siegert of Germany

& Konstantin Kazanchev from Ukraine


Second Prize:

Raed Khalil from Syria



Third Prize:

Ehsan Ganji from Iran


The following entrants were highly recommended:


Marek Tofil (Poland)

Reza Matin (Iran)

Junior Lopes (Brazil)

Érico Junqueira Ayres (BRASIL)

Sohrab Kheiri (Iran)

Stefan Siegert Marx as tree

Valentin Georgiev (BULGARIA)

Mario Magnatti (mariom) (Italy)

Drozdov Sergey (Russia)

Fernando Mendoza Resendiz (México)

Olivier Siersma (Netherlands)

Trayko Popov (Bulgaria)

Nikolai Vorontcov (Russia)

Hule Hanusic (Austria)

David Kerr (United Kingdom)

Jovo Skomac (Serbia)

René Bouchet (France)

Mahdi Afradi (Iran)

Kate Evans (United Kingdom)

Luka Lagator (Montenegro)

Shaunak Samvatsar (India)

Marek Mosor (Poland)

Musa Gumus (Turkey)

Aidarbek Gazizov (Kazakhstan)

Raed Khalil (Syria)

Hule Hanusic (Austria)

Kate Evans (United Kingdom)

Alexei Talimonov (born Ukraine, living in UK)

Makhmudjon Eshonkulov (Makhmud) (Uzbekistan)

Ciro D’Oriano(Italy)

Evgeniy  Sinchinov (Russia)

Pavel Taussig (Germany)

Josef Prchal (Spain)

Salah Cherrared (Algeria) ‘




John Green

Ken Sprague Fund

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