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The 2nd Eition of the International Cartoon Contest 2018, Morocco
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Deadline: 20/4/2018

تبریز تونز

The 2nd Eition of the International Cartoon Contest 2018, Morocco



Anyone who participates in the contest agrees with the terms of the regulation and

Jury decisions.

Topics: 1 "The Water" A resource under pressure


Conditions of participation in the contest

The number of works per participant is limited to 2 (two). The works can not have been published, exhibited or won in Morocco or abroad.

Format: A4, 300 dpi, JPG / JPEG and free techniques

• Deadline: 20/4/2018

Works that do not meet the conditions in this regulation will not be considered for the contest.

The following prices are provided:

First prize (duck).

25000 dhs + trophy

Second prize (Africa)

15000 dhs + trophy

Third prize (pencil stroke)

10000 dhs + trophy

Three special prize + trophy

3500 dhs


Cartoons must be sent to:


Registration Forum

Because of his participation in the competitions, the author lends his works to the organizers for exhibitions.

The works sent remain at the disposal of the organizers for two years.

• The jury members will be considered as participants in the exhibition

And represent their own countries.

Their names will automatically be added to the list of participants

(They will participate only in the exhibition, Not in competition (just participation of honor).

• Works may be used for promotional purposes

(Printing, websites, newspapers, posters, invitation cards ...)

Without the permission of the artist and without any payment.

Themes 2: larbi sabane


Considered the doyen of caricaturists in Morocco

According to Larbi Sebbane, the caricaturist lives haunted by his work and is always looking for ideas for his works. "He is concerned about the problems of society," he says.

A committed cartoonist, Larbi Sebbane is a founding member of the League of Arab Caricaturists. He began his professional life as a drawing teacher before practicing caricature in the print media. In 1978, he contributed to the creation of the first satirical cartoons newspaper in Morocco. But he managed to make himself better known when he worked in the daily Al Alam. It has become one of the major cartoonists in the Arab world. He was banned from the press in 1986 and 1987 for his political guidance. He received in 1981 the prize of the third exhibition of caricatures in Damascus in Syria. Larbi Sebbane was awarded in 1991 by the price of the exhibition on "The Third World" in Egypt. He was distinguished in 1991 by Radio Tangier as the personality of the year. At 69, Larbi Sebbane has lost none of his dynamism and love for his job. He continues to enrich, through his works, the art of cartoon.


Members Of The Jury

The 2nd edition of the International cartoon Contest - Morocco 2018

Bernard Button/vice-president FECO la France

Giannis Geroulias/Pr FECO Greece


Zhu Cheng/Pr FECO China

Mansour Albakri/Germany / Iraq

Talal Nayer/Pr FECO Sudan

Derkaoui Abdellah/Vice-President FECO Morocco


تبریز تونز

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