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first international hourglass Festival
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Deadline : 2018/04/09

تبریز تونزfirst international hourglass Festival


Subjects of festival:


    Why down with Israel?

    The Quds-occupier regime (Israel) and human rights;

    The Quds-occupier regime (Israel) and oppression;

    How did the Quds-occupier regime (Israel) form?

    The Quds-occupier regime (Israel) and Islamophobia;

    The Quds-occupier regime (Israel) and terrorism promotion;

    Zionist child- killing regime;

    The Quds-occupier regime (Israel) would not survive the next 25 years;

    Israel, a cancerous tumor;

    Israel, a fake, racist and colonialist regime.



    Festival different parts:


    Main part:


    Audio and visual productions (suitable to social networks);


    Short documentary;

    Video clip;

    Audio podcast;



    Drawing and graphic;





    Comic strip;



    Mobile phone software;

    Mobile phone and flash memory games;

    Internet medias, internet websites; Telegram channels; Instagram pages and Facebook;


    Motion graphics.




    Special part:


    72- hour competitive events (start- up)

Submission of audio and visual productions should be as follows:


    Short documentaries should be produced with 4mp format and maximum volume 220 MB.

    Video- clips should be produced in “4mp” format and 220 MB volume maximum;

    Audio podcasts must be produced in “4mp” format and 220 MB volume maximum;

    Clips must be produced in “4mp” format and 220 MB volume maximum.


    The drawings and graphic (infographic works, posters, illustrations, comic- strips and caricatures) must be produced in”jpg” format and 10 MB volume maximum.

    Mobile phone software productions must be in “apk” format with 150 MB volume maximum.

    Mobile phone and flash memory games must be produced in “apk” format and with  MB volume maximum.

    For submission of internet media productions (internet websites, Telegram channels, Instagram pages and Facebook) the participant should take a screenshot of those pages based on jpg format with 10 MB volume maximum.


Concerning Telegram channels, it must be noted that the screenshot must be taken from the description page where the name of channel in Persian, Latin and its manager user’s is observable.


    Animation productions must be in “4mp” format with 220 MB volume maximum;

    Motion graphic productions must be in “4mp” format with 220 MB volume maximum.


The deadline for submission of productions will be till 2018/04/09 and the winners will be introduced after their productions are reviewed by the judges in the closing ceremony of festival on International Quds Day.


It must be noted that in the case on any problem in uploading your files, you can submit the download link of your productions.


All participants are allowed to participate in all parts of festival and for each part; they can submit just one work.


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