about the jury and the prizes
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about the jury and the prizes

تبریز تونز

about the jury and the prizes


It seems that evaluation of the international cartoon contests is no longer objective

because of personal ties behind the stage, public relations & deals under the table!

So do the contests' judgements & results too! What a pity!

We are nowadays able to know who's going to win even before the vote outcome or the jury's final decision!

It doesn't matter anymore if you were a good talented cartoonist or not! Everything's turned upside down!

The truth is casted away!

Slided off! What do you think as observers of the latest intolerable biased

cartoon festival's contest's winners' results which were totally grabbed just by cartoonists (citizens) of the same host land in particular! Eventually,,,

I think that such kind of harmful (backstage) Friendship can neither find exhibitions nor improve the festivals' quality...

Raed Khalil


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