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Results of Festival of Economics – Andromeda- Trento-Italy
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Results of Festival of Economics – Andromeda- Trento-Italy

تبریز تونز

Results of Festival of Economics – Andromeda- Trento-Italy


Theme:Unequal health

Dear artist,


More than 150 artists participated, from all over the world.

Here are the 12th edition winners:

First place: Stefan Wenczel (Austria)

Second place: Giuseppe Paperini (Italia)

Third place: Jitet Koestana (Indonesia)

The prizes are symbolic, but very important in term of visibility.

Many people visited the exhibition and newspapers and tv networks spoke about it and showed the artworks live to the public.

The artworks will be available on this website:

Thanks again for having taken part in this Festival, we hope you to partecipate to our next project.

Attached some photos from the stand of the Studio d'Arte Andromeda during the Festival or look at nomia/

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