The Power of Your Brain -International cartoon contest 2017
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Deadline : July 17, 2017

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The Power of Your Brain -International cartoon contest 2017


By just one thought, awareness becomes active whether the thought is intentional or not. That is how powerful the human brain that continuously remoulding and organising different thoughts and different experiences in different times thus, enriching the circuits of the brain neurologically. We can remember things, make plans, we have the ability to imagine, we keep envisioning, how we think, what we do, all comes from the greatest computer of the body system called brain.


Human brain has no mechanical moving parts but serves as the motherboard of body system and the seat of thoughts and mind. Though only weighing less than 3 lb., it is the home and storage of of pictures, songs, philosophy, dreams, passion, happiness, sorrow, of memories, of love, of wisdom, the consciousness and awareness of itself.  It is the greatest computer ever built, the seat of your mind, the seat of your being. It creates abstract thought, imagination, creativity, emotions, language, solutions and problem. It creates consciousness.


All the body organ that makes us alive is connected to the brain acting as the general commander of the body. The brain does thousands of thoughts and thinking while we breathe, we talk, we work, we crave for food, we exercise, etc. There is a giant super power or called it genius seating behind our brain that direct both the conscious and unconscious mind.


Human brain is also the source of good and bad moral depends on the thoughts we keep in our head. Through the power of the brain, we develop talent and skills, yet, brain can also be damaged having misalignment, disorder and addiction.


Who we are is what we believe which is wired already in our brain. And as the brain continuously collate experiences through different periods and phases of life, our physical body, emotional aspect and intelligence become a work in progress.


Join Hyperkreeytiv for its 2017 International Call for Submission entitled “The Power of Your Brain.”  Submission in the form of cartoon, drawing or caricature.


How to Submit:


    Participants can submit maximum of 3 entries.


    Submit your work by sending your entries to


    Images must be less than 500kb JPEG file in the following format:  surname_entry #_country


    Submit a short intro about yourself (not more than 200 words) and a photo or caricature not more than 200kb.


    Participants can submit entries until July 17, 2017.


    All works will be posted on July 27, 2017.




Watch out for the post that will be published covering the following topic each week to learn more and understand the power of human brain.


    Learning, Language, and Mimicry


    The Consciousness of Why You Are Here


    “Sleep”—The Brain Recovery


    Your Brain Has Gender


    Inside the Wild World of Adolescent Brain


    “Addiction” – When Your Brain Can’t Say No


    Personality and Brain Disorder


    Through the Ages


    The Chemistry of Love


    “Right, Wrong” – What Makes Us Moral


    Older, Wiser and Gray Hair


    Stress and The Power of Mood


    The Science of Your Appetite


    The Biology of Belief


    Sickness and Healing


    “Memories”—We Remember Too Much. We Forget Too Much.


    Evolution- Your Brand New Brain


Join now and participate in our 2017 educational International Cartoon Participation 2017!!



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