13th Limeira Humor International Hall 2017, Brazil
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13th Limeira Humor International Hall 2017, Brazil


Dear artists and friends, registrations are open for the 13th International Limeira Humor Hall for designers who have the greatest talent in freehand drawing. With the support of the City Hall, represented by the Municipal Secretary of Culture of Limeira, which has as Secretary our dear friend and artist Farid Zaine who once again gives us the honor of his partnership, as well as being sworn in our commission for this year 2017.


Another great partnership this year is the Education Secretariat, which is headed by an art enthusiast, an old partner of the Limeira International Salon, Luis André De Francesco, who in addition to his active participation suggested the theme "How to be politically correct?", Theme Which invades every home in our country, where possible changes and improvements are needed, so that one day they will come true.


The Limeira Humor Hall that survives due to the support and participation of great artists, once again, has the attention of all, who wish to change our lives for the better, must pay attention and show that their participation is not just for The aggrandizement of Art, but for the enhancement of our citizenship and education, because by adjusting small things, we can reach the ideal one day. I wish everyone good participation, and I hope to see many works on paper this year, since most of our categories are elected with works made the old fashioned way.


We know that the digital world prevails today, and every apparent facility we are increasingly accustomed to overcomes primitive traditions. In our case we only have to thank because we managed to reach the four corners of the earth, and this was very good and very incredible (it was a lot of work too !!!), but on the other hand, at least at this moment of our event, the work Done manually is important, the novelty of the work is important, a very personal thing that enhances the lives of everyone, who uses only three things, a pencil, a piece of paper and an artist expressing his ideas, his feelings, his pains many times . Then we can see the world and all its colors. Alea Jacta Est.

Roberto Bonomi


13th Limeira Humor International Hall Registration Up To 30 August 2017


All freehand artists are invited to participate. Registration is free. Participants can register with a maximum of 3 works of their own, from A4 (21 x 29.7cm) to A3 (29.7 x 42cm), closing the entries on August 30, 2017. For the works Sent by post is worth the date of the post. All works must be UNIQUE and UNIQUE. If the rules are not respected the drawings will not be able to compete for the prizes.


For works sent by mail that compete for prizes in the categories Caricature, Khartoum, Charge and Comics:



Municipal Secretary of Culture - Palacete Levy

Largo Boa Morte 11

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CEP 13484 970


For digital works in the Digital and Interart categories.

The digital works in these two categories should be sent to the email piuhumor@hotmail.com in JPEG in size A4 or A3 with 300dpi.

To know:


Digital is a freehand drawing and finishing. It is then scanned and sent by e-mail along with the completed application form.


Interart is a drawing constructed or finished with the aid of a computer, or even made by it, with the direction of the artist that composes it.






BRAZILIAN POLITICIANS (This Theme will be awarded with 500 reais)






For the winners in each category, we will have certificates and trophies. This year we will have 1 (one) cash prize in the amount of R $ 1,000.00 (thousand) reais that will include an artist chosen by our judging committee. We will also have a prize in the amount of R $ 500.00 (five hundred) reais for the best design in the theme POLÍTICOS DO BRASIL, plus certificate and Persona Trophy.


The selected works will be exhibited from September 15 to October 16, 2017, at the Palacete Levy, headquarters of the Municipal Secretary of Culture, in addition to the permanent virtual exhibition on the blog of Editora O PIU (www.jornalopiu.blospot.com).


All entries will be considered acquisitive by Editora O PIU. Ownership, use and any other rights over these works will belong to Editora O PIU Ltda., Which reserves the right to make them the use that it deems appropriate. The simple registration automatically sets the participant's full agreement with this Regulation.


Application Form

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3-Date of birth:


5-Address (Street and number):







12-No of Entries:

13-Message to the world:

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